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I invite you to read this affirmation aloud as a declaration of your Sovereignty and ever growing dedication to your Destiny!
My Light grows brighter, clearer, and more refined everyday.
Clearing away the debris of who I once was by dissolving the veils of illusionary persona.
The energy is released in the form of Light particles sparkling their way back to Source.
Safely surrounded in a cocoon of my own alchemy, I radiate, Shining Bright like a diamond, multifaceted and multidimensional.

Reflecting. Refracting.
Bending time as I choose my Soul’s next Highest evolution in every moment.
My Heart blossoms, opening like a Rose and the sweet smell of Embodied Ascension envelops my field.
Wrapped and held in my own Divine Light, I am FREE to follow my Heart’s every Desire, which will only lead me further on my Path of Aligned Truth and Soul Purpose.
This is The Way; surrender and deep reverence for the call of my Heart.
I hear you, Beautiful One, and I CHOOSE THE WAY EVERY DAY.
And so it is.…

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